Cabin Fever 2013

It appears that the sudden onset of winter up here in the Northeast has reduced interest in this year’s Cabin Fever Competition. As a result for the first time in 5 years we are cancelling this annual event. Look for postings for upcoming BIG IRON meets in April and June.

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Cabin Fever Challenge

Time to get your entry in for the 2013 Cabin Fever Challenge. This year’s meet will be the ADFPF Northeast Regional Championships. Entry forms are available on the ADFPF web site or by contacting me at

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2013 Competitions

BIG IRON Powerlifing and Bay State Athletic Club have planned an ADFPF meet 2/23/13. Full Power as well as Bench only or DL only.
April 27th a Bench and DL meet also ADFPF.
On June 8th we will host the AAU Combined Nationals.
August 10 will be a bench only meet.
See the ADFPF and AAU web sites for applications or send an e-mail to with questions or to request an application.

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upcoming meets

BIG IRON Powerlifing and Bay State Athletic Club have planned an ADFPF meet 2/23/13. Full Power as well as Bench only or DL only.
April 27th a Bench and DL meet also ADFPF.
On June 8th we will host the AAU Combined Nationals.
August 10 will be a bench only meet.
See the ADFPF and AAU web sites for applications or send an e-mail to with questions or to request an application.

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WDFPF World Powerlifting Championships

The Company Theatre in Norwell, Massachusetts was the site of an exciting 2 day competition with lifters from Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Malta, Ireland, Scotland, England and the United States. An audiance of over 200 cheered throughout the day on Saturday with many returning on Sunday for the Equipped Championship. Sponsors Anderson Powerlifting out of Dallas, Promera Sports and their line of Concrete supplements, BIG IRON Powerlifitng, Whitman-Hanson Girls Sports, Mesto Shoes, ADFPF were all on hand. Food was provided by the Away Cafe of Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Spotters and loaders were volunteers from the Northeastern University Powerlifting Team, Bay State Powerlifiing and BIG IRON Powerlifitng. Officiating was provided by a fine team of international referees. The tables were expertly run by the WDFPF executives with able assistance of volunteers from Belgium and the United States.
Thanks to all of our terrific volunteers, to all those who turned out to cheer the athletes, to the WDFPF and the ADFPF, to the Company Theatre Staff, our sponsors and most of all to the fine competitors who traveled from near and very far to come to this event. Many of our overseas friends had an unexpectedly lengthy stay due the the severe storm. Special thanks to them for their patience and good spirits in the face of so much inconvenience.

Results can be found at

Thanks to all.

Meet Directors Dave Mansfield and Mark Sieminski with able assistance form Rich Deleon.


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UPDATE! WDFPF World Championships

The last weekend of October is fast approaching. So far we have teams coming from: USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Malta, Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia, Canada, Russia and France. This looks to be a big international event. Come and cheer the competitors on the 27th and 28th. Lifting will start at 9:30 and go throughout the day both days. With admission at 8 bucks, you can’t go wrong.

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BIG IROn Powerlifting

BIG IRON is looking for a few highly motivated lifters to join our growing team. Some of the team train together daily, some once per week, some on an occasional basis and some on line. We have been very succesful over the years counting many record holders with the ADFPF, WDFPF, and AAU. In addiiton, we hold many MAssachusetts and New England AAU Records and many 1st and second place team wins in the past 10 years. BIG IRON is a very motivated but friendly crew who train at ClubEx in East Bridgewater. Contact Dave Mansfield, Rich Deleon or Dan Driscoll on this site or by e-mail at bigiron powerlifting @comcast .com

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BIG IRON Powerlifting upcoming ,meets

BIG IRON wull be hosting the WDFPF World championships at the end of October. However, don’t forget we will continue to host our annual events: the Christmas Challenge in December, the Cabin Fever meet in february and the AAU New England Championships in May. In additon we will be adding strict curls, bench press for reps and dead lift for rep events to our meets for the 2013 season.

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WDFPF World champioships

the invitations are out for the American team. This looks to be a very competitive meet as we are already over 80 Amercan lifters, have committments from Belgium, England, Ireland, Ukraine and Russia and anticipate teams from Modova, Estonia, Ireland, Scotland, Wales,Italy, Franceand several other European National teams.

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Team USA Selections fir the WDFPF World Championships

The deadline for applications was July 21st. There are a few lifters who did not mail theirs until the 21st so we are expcting to finalize the team invitations by the end of this week and start sending out entry forms for October. We expect to have all the acceptance letters out by the middle of next week. There will be a September 15th deadline for entries to be returned. Any team positions not returned by that date will then be open to any alternates who had applied.

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ADFPF National Championship Meet Report

ADFPF National Full Power Championship

The Holiday Inn Ballroom at Rockland, Massachusetts was rockin’ on June 2nd and 3rd. On Saturday the Unequipped Division lifters competed, and what a competition it was! This meet was a qualifier for the World Drug free Powerlifting Federation World Championship which will be held this October in the USA. See the BIG IRON, ADFPF or WDFPF websites for information about this event which will be held at the Company Theatre, Norwell, Massachusetts.
There were four teams vying for 1st Place. A team of young lifters from MIT, well coached by Andrey Zmud and managed by Jonathan Slocum (Team President and Founder) put up the best numbers, narrowly edging out the BIG IRON Powerlifting Team from ClubEx in East Bridgewater for top honors. For MIT we saw Winyiang Fan, Brandon Hopkins, Pramrod Kandel, Max Ockner, Danny Shi, Jon Slocum, Minna Song, Frank Wu and Andrey Tautsuyev put up some great numbers. The BIG IRON Team was split over the two days as four of the team were lifting equipped on Sunday. The unequipped team gave it their best and came up just a little short. These guys are always in the mix at team competitions. Ray Cross, Ray Martineau, Leon McCrary out of Bay State Athletic, Justin Sproul, Mike Tanis, Louie Vega, Chad Winters and Dave Yelin, also out of Bay State, pulled out the stops and came up just a little short placing 2nd. The Center City Team out of Brockton, led by Sam Pagan (Heavy Weight Best Lifter) with outstanding lifters Chris Kolentsas, Mark Mavilia, Eric Wright and Pete Stavropoulos all placed high in their divisions but their team effort was stymied by too few lifters. Sam says they will field a bigger team next time…they will be tough to beat with a full complement. The Chase Gym Team out of New Hampshire was missing a few of their members and fell to 4th place but not for lack of trying by Aaron and Brandon Chase and Stasiu Sliva.
Teens Jake Carter, Joshua Arnold and Elliot Greitens traveled up from Florida. Pete Beckette and Austin Corbett came in from Michigan. Austin drove all day Friday to check into the hotel late that night with two friends, he lifted on Saturday placing first in the 100 kg teens then left to drive back to Michigan. Now that is dedication to the sport! Thanks Austin and special thanks to your two friends who traveled so far to help you win. You guys are the best! Jim Waters flew in from California to compete, always good to see Jim, such a great competitor in the Masters Division. The rowdy crowd got plenty to cheer about with all these lifters and saw great efforts by, Jim Marcotte from Somerset, Dave Adamson M1 110 kilo lifter from Bettendorf, Indiana, Frank Wu from Cambridge, Tom Boyle from Germantown, Maryland, Todd Creviston in from Illinois, Sean Brannery from Aiken, South Carolina, Jason Ramalho, Chris Martin and Conor Nordgren down from New Hampshire; in the Open and Junior Divisions.
Sunday the equipped lifters went to work including Carter, Arnold and Greitens out of Florida in the teen division. Pete Beckette in the 75 open, old friend from Bay State Athletic Mark Marocco was back on the platform along with Bob Batko in the 82.5s. Bob competed both days, don’t know how you do it Bob. Congratulations on setting national records both days. The 90s saw Chuck Peters back on the platform after a three year break. Nice meet, Chuck. Chuck hasn’t lost much in his time off benching 172.5 kg (380.3#) and totaling 627.5 in the 90 kilo division. Dave Low and Chuck battled it out in the 90s with Dave taking first in the M3 and Chuck taking first in the M2 . They were 1st and 2nd on the platform for the 90 kilo division. Bill Coleman was second in the M3. It is always a treat to see Paul Wrenn and his daughter and grandsons Jordan and Tyler Scott up from Tennessee. Be well, congratulations. Jamie Guay drove down from New Brunswick and put up a fine 685.5 total in the open 110s. Jamie is a real gentleman and fine lifter. Always good to see you Jamie, thanks for coming down. Dennis Wall of BIG IRON was 1st in the M1 110kilo division. Dan Driscoll 125 kilo of BIG IRON totaled 732.5 and Joe Cappellino an outstanding super heavy out of Bay State with a 1057.5 wrapped up the competition. What a way to end the weekend. Thanks Dan and Joe!
Best Lifters for Saturday were Sam Pagan in the Heavy Weight Open, Jon Wrenn from Illinois Light Weight Open, Bob Batko Masters and Caren Owen Best Female Lifter. Best Master Lifter on Sunday was Dave Mansfield of BIG IRON Powerlifting. Dave, Nikki Carroll, Chuck Peters, Dan Driscoll and Dennis Wall all of BIG IRON lifted on Sunday.
Many National, American and State records were established or broken over the weekend by Nikki Carroll, Caren Owen, Kaitlyn Kapka, Jacob Stagg, Jon Wrenn, Leon McCrary, Bob Batko, Kenny Roche (an outstanding teen lifter form Cape Cod Massachusetts), Sam Pagan of Center City Gym, Mike Tanis, Justin Sproul, Ray Cross and Dave Mansfield of BIG IRON, Jordan Scott and Tyler Scott of Tennessee, renown powerlifting legend Paul Wrenn and Super Heavy Weight from Bay State Athletic Club Joe Cappellino with an outstanding 1057.5 (2331.4#) total.
As always, these meets cannot succeed without invaluable help. Thanks to the ADFPF Board of Directors for their support and for officiating at the meet. Roger and Judy Gedney, Mike Stagg, Dick Van Eck worked the weekend as well as held a Board meeting on Friday night. Thanks to Larry Larsen for his work on the platform and for officiating and lending his expertise. Thanks to Eric Arnold and his outstanding staff of spotters and loaders form Bay State Athletic Club. Mike and Ben from Bay State were with us to represent Concrete Supplements and to help fellow lifter Joey C and to assist with the spotting for the heavy equipped lifters.
Our table support was, as usual, superb. Paul Coulombe, Bill Coleman and Dennis Brennick shared the announcing. Gabby and Ali DeLeon and CJ Comito shared the computer entry tasks, Ramona Mansfield and Rick Comito shared expediter duties. Susie Sieminski took care of front of the house chores, clean up and 50/50 raffle. The Holiday Inn staff and facility were, as always, professional, efficient and there to make the venue comfortable.
Thanks to all. We hope to see you at the WDFPF world championship meet in October.
Mark Sieminski, Rich DeLeon and Dave Mansfield
Meet Directors

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ADFPF National Full Power Championship

June 2nd and 3rd at the Holiday Inn, Rockland, Massachusetts. The place was rockin’ as teams from MIT, Chase Gym, BIG IRON Powerlifting and Center City Gym vied for braggin’ rights. It was very close with MIT coming out on top this time. Sunday saw Joe Capellino complete a 922 squat but denied on depth. Teenager Matt Somer went over 700 in an unequipped teen division squat. Powerlifting legend Paul Wrenn and grandsons were on hand and competing. It was a great weekend. We will get the results posted here, on the ADFPF web site and on Powerlifting Watch in the next few days.

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ADFPF National

We are still accepting entries for the national meet, this is your last chance to establish a qualifying total for team USA for the WDFPF World PowerLifting Championships to be held in Rockland, Massacusetts in October. If you send you application in late be sure to include the late fee.

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ADFPF Team USA appplications

In order to compete in the October WDFPF World Championship meet you must apply for and be appointed to your National Team. Team USA applications can be downloaded from web site. You should get your application in as soon as possible after you have made a qualifying total. The selection process will begin right after the July 4th holiday.

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ADFPF Nationals

Update on the ADFPF Combined Nationals, Rockland, MA June 2 & 3 2012. Entries are coming in fast now…this is shaping up as a very competitive meet. We have two full teams registered and have heard from 2 others who plan to field teams To avoid late fees, get your entry in prior to May 19th.

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ADFPF Combined National Full Power Championship

Please note!

The entry deadline is May 19, 2012 and not the February date that is on some of the applications.

Also: the address for ADFPF membership has been changed. Membership applications should now be sent to Tim Piper at Western Illinois University; Brophy Hall 221 S.; Macomb, IL 61455




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AAU Combined Nationals March 10, 2012

2012 AAU Combined National Championship March 10, 2012

The Holiday Inn, Rockland, Massachusetts was the site of this year’s AAU Combined National Full Power, International Bench and Deadlift Championships. This meet was sponsored by the BAY STATE Athletic Club and BIG IRON Fitness & Rehab and was produced by BIG IRON Powerlifting. An enthusiastic crowd of over one hundred spectators cheered mightily while some truly big lifts were made. Notable was Mike Zawalinski’s 382.5 American Record squat in the 140+ equipped open division and Matt Sohmer’s 317.5 squat and 322.5 deadlift, both American records, for a 765 kilo American record total in the 125 kilo teenage division. Old friends Steve Brown and Matt Somher took home best lifter awards, Steve in the Master’s Division with a 502.5 total Matt’s in the Open with a 765.0. Frank Wu of the M.I.T. Team looked strong on a 3.25 times body weight deadlift in the 82 kilo open but couldn’t quite finish the pull. Frank will be back next meet and we have little doubt that he will master that pull. Andrii Zmhud a junior 90 kilo lifter from the Ukraine and now residing in New Hampshire was impressive indeed with 615 kilo total. The ladies were represented by Lindsay Johnstone and Ana Tocco in the Open Division and Joanne Shear in the Masters.
The 90 kilo division was well represented by Sam Pagan, Steve Bergerson, Kevin Carr and Angel Jiménez, personal trainer out of Waltham, Mass. who has decided to give the sport of powerlifting a go. Angel acquitted himself well with a 555 total. Old friends from the Center City Gym in Brockton Mark Mavilia and Eric Wright came to play, along with Sam Pagan. These guys train hard and it shows. Master Lifter Larry Emerson made the trip from Longmeadow to total an impressive 488 as an M5 82 kilo lifter. It was great to see the young talent coming up in the sport. Juniors were well represented by the aforementioned Andrii, as well as Brandon Chase (19 year old) and Mike Laskowski out of New Hampshire these two enterprising young men have started a powerlifting team…we hope to see the rest of the team compete soon, nice meet guys! Jordan Syatt, Dan Sullivan and Justin Sproul rounded out the Junior Class. The teenage division was well represented by Ken Roche, Brandon Chase and the above mentioned Matt Sohmer.
The BIG IRON Powerlifting Team saw two promising young lifters put up some good numbers. Ray Martineau, Justin Sproul will be heard from again. Justin also was awarded the BIG IRON Team’s Best Lifter Award. Ray won the award last meet. Old hands Dennis Wall, Ray Cross, Joanne Shear and Dave Mansfield rounded out the BIG IRON entries for this meet with Joanne as Best Master Female Lifter. Dave and Ray and Joanne finished the day breaking a good number of records in the Master’s Divisions.
In the bench competition we saw a 165 from Mark Mavilia, 162.5 from Bob Cutts all the way from Maryland and a 157.5 from 82 kilo lifter Steve Hartman. In the 110s Bob Howard and Eric Wright put on a good show with Bob topping Eric for a 172.5 bench. Nice bench, Bob! Ken Roche, John Murphy, Ray Cross, Louis Minicucci and Steve Hartman rounded out the bench competitors.
Newcomer Ruth DeSantis competed in the deadlift we hope to see you again soon Ruth. Randy Comito, is back, deadlifting as a M4. The other deadlifters were Matt Sohmer, Andrii, Steve Hoff, Bob Howard, Eric, and Frank. In the equipped division Dave Low had to call it a day due to an injury. Dave Mansfield 100kilo M6 lifter from the BIG IRON Team posted AAU World and American Records at 250.
Once again, we are indebted to our terrific support teams. Referees Louie Vega, Jimmy Tracy, Dan Driscoll, Rick Comito, Dennis Brennick, Darryl Calhoun, Rich Deleon, Mark Sieminski and Head Referee Larry Larsen did outstanding work on the platform. Our table , as always, ran with the smooth efficiency we have come to expect from veterans Ramona Mansfield, and Gabby and Ali Deleon, with assist from CJ Comito. Paul Coulombe and Dennis Brennick worked the microphone, expertly keeping everyone informed. Eric and his crew from the Bay State Athletic Club managed the equipment set up, spotting, loading , and platform management smoothly, keeping everyone safe. Thanks so much to all for helping to make this another successful meet.

Submitted by Meet Directors:
Mark Sieminski, Rich Deleon and Dave Mansfield

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ADFPF Combined Nationals and WDFPF Worlds Qualifier June 2,3, 2012

This is a great opportunity to get your qualifier totals for a place on Team USA for the WDFPF World Championship meet which will be held in October of this year. Be sure to get your membership application in to the ADFPF as soon as possible as you should be a member by April of 2012 to be able to apply for the 2112 team. See the ADFPF web site for memberhsip and meet applications.

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