2011 WDFPF

WDFPF Single Lift World Championships

The WDFPF Single Lift World Championships were held in Muskegon, MI on June 24, 25, 26th. The venue was a splendid 1700 seat theatre in down town. The platform area was about 40′ x 28′ with 10×20 lifter “corrals” on each side. The high ceilings and large auditorium created a comfortable environment. Even toward the end of the days competition it was comfortable. Organization was outstanding with weigh-ins and competition beginning on time. The only exception was the start of the Saturday Bench competition was delayed for one hour to accommodate the late arrival of one group of lifters. Attempts and results were projected on two screens (one for each platform) which made it easy for the lifters to follow the lifting order.

There were 17 countries represented by about 230 competitors. Many of the divisions were hotly contested. The atmosphere was charged with energy and good will throughout the long weekend. Results are available on the ADFPF and the WDFPF websites. The meet director, ADFPF and WDFPF Boards of Directors, the vendors and volunteers all deserve our thanks for getting together to produce a truly outstanding event.

The BIG IRON Team was impressed and privileged to be there. We look forward to working with many of these same folks to bring the WDFPF Full Power World Championships to Rockland, Massachusetts in November 2012.

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