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2011 AAU New England Championships

The Second Annual AAU New England Championships will be held on July 23, 2011 in Rockland Mass. Applications are located here

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2011 AAU RAW Nationals

 AAU Raw National Powerlifting Competition On Saturday May 7th an enthusiastic audience watched some serious competition at the AAU Raw nationals. The meet was held at the Holiday Inn in Rockland, Massachusetts. Sixty six divisions were contested including Bench … Continue reading

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2011 Powerlifting Meets

May 2011: AAU raw national Championships to be held in Rockland, Massachusetts July 2011: AAU New England Championships (the only meet at which New England AAU records may be set!) COMING IN NOVEMBER 2012…the World Drug Free Powerlifting Full Power … Continue reading

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Flexibility vs. Squats and Deadlifts

Any athlete who has trained to squat below parallel or who has attempted a maximum effort deadlift will know the meaning of “flexibility vs. the squat and deadlift”. While it may be true that strength athletes, powerlifters in particular, do not require the flexibility of gymnasts or figure skaters, they do need to have the necessary flexibility to avoid putting (additional) abnormal stress on their bodies. It has been said that an athlete only needs to be as flexible as the sport demands. Alright, let’s look at the demands of these two lifts.
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I guess it’s about time to introduce myself so that Big Rich is not so lonely on the page. I’ve been competing in Powerlifting in the old ADFPA, USAPL, the new ADFPF, WDFPF, 100% Raw and AAU for the past … Continue reading

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