ADFPF Team USA Qualifier for the WDFPF World Single Lifts in Belgium and Full Power Words in Massachusetts

Applications are available for both meets on the  ADFPF web site.

Please review the WDFPF rule book and qualifier requirements. The ADFPF Qualifier in New England will be the ADFPF Northeast Regional Championship Meet on April 9th at Bay State Athletic Club, Scituate, MA.


See the ADFPF web site for qualifier meets in other regions.

Th WDFPF World Championship Full Power Meet will be held the first weekend of November at the Double Tree Hotel in Rockland, MAssachusetts

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WDFPF 2017 Full Power World Championships

The 2017 World Drug free Powerlifting Championships will be held on November 3,4,5 2017 at the Double Tree/Hilton Hotel in Rockland, Massachusetts.

To enter you must have made qualifiers at least 3 months prior to the competition and be a member of a WDFPF affiliated nation. American lifters can get information, entries, rule book and member ship from

European lifters can get entries from their national office.

There are 23 nation members in the WDFPF, this should be an exciting international competition.

The competition is sanctioned by the WDFPF and ADFPF and presented by BIG IRON Powerlifting, the BAY STATE Athletic Club, and by BIG IRON Fitness & Rehab. LLC.

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ADFPF Cabin Fever Results

The 6th Annual ADFPF BIG IRON Cabin Fever competition went off as scheduled despite the dire weather forecast. An enthusiastic crowed cheered on the lifters. The Center City Gym team captured the team trophy once again. Congratulations to Ed and his Team!

ADPFP Cabin Fever 2015 Results
Lifter Division Wgt Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
Battista, Tyler Teen 82.5 135 80 172.5 387.5 1st
McNeill, Scott Open 90 152.5 90 170 412.5 2nd
Sahulman, Wayne M1 110 160 92.5 185 437.5 1st
Cocci, Charlie M4 110 175 105 207.5 487.5 1st
Wright, Eric M2 125 185 165 230 580 1st
Mansfield, Dave M6 Equip 90 210 90 225 525 1st
Rowland, Simon Open BP 150 1st
Crull. Jeff M4 DL 112.5 1st
Calhoun, Darryl Open P/P 165 260 425 1st
Pagan, Sam O/M2 90 217.5 167.5 257.5 642.5 1st
Sullivan, Mike O 110 232.5 165 297.5 695 1st
Pagan, Sam American Record Dead Total
Best Lifter


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ADFPF Long Island January 2015

BIG IRON Powerlifting and Gold’s Gym will  be hosting the Northeast Regional Championships and WDFPF Team USA Qualifiers on January 24th and 25th 2015.

Meet entries and meet broshure will be available on the ADFPF Web site within the next ten days. You must be an ADFPF member to compete. Membership applications are available on the ADFPF web site.

This promises to be a big meet so early entries are recommended. Watch this site and the ADFPF web site for further information.

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USPA Competition

On September 27th BIG IRON Powerlifting will offer the 1st ever USPA meet in Massachusetts.

The competition will be held at Bay State Athletic Club in Scituate. Rules can be viewed and down loaded from the USPA web site.

Applications are available from the Bay State Athletic Club.

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BIG IRON 2014 meets

8/16/14 USAPL Newport. Go to for apps

9/27/14 first USPA meet in Mass.  Scituate at Bay State Athletic Club

11/29-30 USAPL Regional meet. will be held South of Boston looking at venues

12/13/14 ADFPF Meet. Qualifier for WDFPF 2015 world meet to be held in Windsor, Ontario

will update as more info comes in

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ADFPF Northeast Regional Championships

The ADFPF Northeast Regional Championships Full Power and Single Lifts will be held on February 22, 2014 at the Bay State Athletic Club, Scituate, MA. This meet will also serve as a qualifier for the WDFPF Single Lift Worlds in Duseldorf, Germany (June 2014) and for the WDFPF Full Power Worlds in Moldova (November 2014).

See the ADFPF web site for applications or e-mail us at bigironpowerlifting@ for entry forms and additional information.

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AAU World Championships: Rockland, MA. October 12th 2013

International Bench Press, Dead Lift and Push/Pull Championships
October 12, 2013 Rockland, Massachusetts
Bench Press
Name Division Wgt Best Lift Record Place
Sam Suber Youth 9 y.o. 35kg 43.50 kg World Record 1st Place
Ed Suber Youth 11 y.o. 40kg 61.00 kg World Record 1st Place
Dan Raguin M2 75kg 127.5 kg 1st Place
Mark Mavilia Open 90kg 160.0 kg 1st Place
Ierish Kane M7 + Lifetime 90 kg 110.0 kg World Record
Glen Tenove M4 + Lifetime 125kg 182.5 kg World Record 1st Place
Ray Cross M6+ Lifetime 125kg 125.0 kg 1st Place

Dead Lift
Leon McCrary M8 67.0kg 120.0 kg World Record 1st Place
Bob Feeney M5 + Lifetime 110kg 187.5 kg 1st Place

Name Division Wgt. BP/DL Record Place
Mike “Irish” Kane M7 + Lifetime 90.0kg 110/95.0 kg World (Bench) 1st Place
Mark mavilia Open 90.0kg 160/205.0 kg 1st Place
Brandon Chase Jr. 75.0kg 125/145.0 kg 1st Place

AAU Powerlifting Championships
October 12, 2013 Rockland, Massachusetts
Name Division Wgt. Class Squat Bench Dead Total Record Place
Joanne shear M5 (F) 56.0 kg 72.5* 42.5* 115* 230.0* *World 1st
Leon McCrary M8 67.0 kg 82.5* 47.5* 120* 250.0 *World 1st
Dan Raguin M2 75.0 kg 155 127.5 197.5 480.0 1st
Larry Emerson M6 82.0 kg 157.5* 97.5 222.5* 480.0 *American 1st
160.0 4th* *American
Mike Tanis M3 90.0 kg 182.5 115 65 362.5 1st
Lauren Cohen Open 90.0 kg 240 175 240 655.0 1st
Mark Mavilia Open 90.0 kg 167.5 160 205 532.5 2nd
Kyle MacLeod Open 90.0 kg 152.5 112.5 195 460.0 3rd
Kyle MacLeod Junior 90.0 kg 152.5 112.5 195 460.0 1st
Eric Wright M2 110.0 kg 182.5 162.5 235 580 1st
Justin Sproul Open 125.0 kg 220 152.5 242.5 615 1st
Bob Reilly M3 125.0 kg 202.5 182.5 227.5 612.5 1st
Cameron Connor T4 140.0 kg 215* 137.5 215* 567.5*

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2013 Powerlifting Season for BIG IRON & Bay State Athletic Club

AAU Combined national Championship June 8, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Rockland, MA. 24 hour weigh ins will be available. Applications available on line

ADFPF Bench Press New England Championship August24, 2013 at Bay State Athletic Club, Scituate, MA applications will be available on the ADFPF web site

AAU World Championships October 12, 2013 Holiday Inn, Rockland, MA. 24 hour weigh in will be available. Applications will be available from the AAU.

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AAU Combined National Champioships

Mark your calenders! Get your training cycle in gear! Renew your AAU Membership! and get ready to rock ‘n roll at the Holiday Inn on June 8th at the AAU Raw and Equipped Full Power Championships and/or the Strict Curl and Bench Press For Reps Competition. Last Spring we had a great turnout for this event and this year we expect this meet to be bigger and better.
Applications are available and memberships can be renewed online at Any questions contact us at

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Cabin Fever 2013

It appears that the sudden onset of winter up here in the Northeast has reduced interest in this year’s Cabin Fever Competition. As a result for the first time in 5 years we are cancelling this annual event. Look for postings for upcoming BIG IRON meets in April and June.

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2013 Competitions

BIG IRON Powerlifing and Bay State Athletic Club have planned an ADFPF meet 2/23/13. Full Power as well as Bench only or DL only.
April 27th a Bench and DL meet also ADFPF.
On June 8th we will host the AAU Combined Nationals.
August 10 will be a bench only meet.
See the ADFPF and AAU web sites for applications or send an e-mail to with questions or to request an application.

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